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(55) US Department of Defense, "DEOMI Organizadonal Climate Survey (DEOCS)," Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, January 1,2014, Question_FactorBreakout_2014Jan.pdf.
The lecture also claims that "individuals who hold extremist views are in conflict with the standards expected of all military members, and participation in extremism is inconsistent with the duties of military service." So it may be that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton would be unwelcome in the armed forces of the United Slates, if DEOMI had its way.
But what is "extremism." according to DEOMI? "Extremism" is a vague word that can have any meaning whatsoever, depending upon the intent of the person employing the term.
Ongoing research continues in the conceptualization and identification of 3C (DEOMI) as does research into the application of 3C in leadership development (ARI, DEOMI).
(9.) Allison Abbe, Joan Rentsch, and Iona Mott, Cultural Schema: Mental Models Guiding Behavior in a Foreign Culture, presentation given at the DEOMI Biennial Research Symposium, 20 February 2009.
To combat the rate at which biases are likely to occur in the military, DoD routinely conducts a Military Equal Opportunity Climate Survey (MEOCS) of all military branches as a continual gauge of its personnel's perception of their work environments (DEOMI).
The military has been ahead of the civilian sector in recognizing the crucial role that race and/or ethnicity and thus culture play in how people relate to one another in their work environments (Evans 2003, DEOMI 2002).
have also created bureaus and initiatives separate from DEOMI. For
race and gender category, the DEOMI statistics reflecting the number of
Sixty-three percent of respondents felt they had learned "a lot" from the DEOMI modules.
The results of this study suggest that, for the DEOMI non-resident course, student self-assessment of learning was related to the relevance of the instruction and the overall effectiveness of the training event and the use of immediate feedback.
In 2002, the TCC initiated contact with the DEOMI for collaborative work surrounding the use of the American cultural experiences in deployed areas.