DEOPEDirector of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment (Australia)
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In 2003, the current Secretariat of Health Surveillance (SVS) (17) was created within the direct administration in the Ministry of Health (MS), which incorporated activities that had been developed by Cenepi and Deope within the sectional organ of indirect administration (Funasa).
Napier 58 put it bluntly: "It is odious and burdensome for lay people to hear, nevertheless it is profoundly commanded to men in orders that they make known to people what is written in holy books." ["Hit is la[eth] and hefityme laewedum folce to gehiranne, and swa[eth]eahhwae[eth]ere gehadedum mannum is beboden deope, poet hi cy[thorn]an sceolan folce, hwaet on halgum bocum awriten is."] (17) Later the same homily promised an abbreviated lesson with the words: "Ne sceal nanum cristenum men aefre to langsum pincean, poet he his agene [thorn]earfe gehyre secgan and embe godes maer[eth] smeage.
[22] La leof, deope us is beboden paet we geornlice mynegian and laeran scylan, paet manna gehwylc to Gode buge and fram synnum gecyrre (O3/4_IR_RULE_POLITY, 106)
23) AEfter [thorn]isum haefde se cyng mycel ge[thorn]aeaht and swide deope spaece wid his witan ymbe [thorn]is land hu hit waere gesett odde mid hwylcon mannon
7) wri[thorn]an Waeter hine ond eor[thorn]e feddan faegre, o[thorn][thorn]aet he frod dagum on o[thorn]rum wear[eth] aglachade deope gedolgod, dumb in bendum, wri[thorn]en ofer wunda, wonnum hyrstum foran gefraetwed.