DEOSDistance Education Online Symposium (Pennsylvania State University)
DEOSDepartment of Earth Observation and Space Systems
DEOSDelaware Environmental Observing System
DEOSDigital Engine Operating System (Honeywell)
DEOSDistributed Extensible Open Systems (Georgia Tech project)
DEOSDe Mario Electra Optics System
DEOSDeep Ocean Observatories System
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This enables DEOS to demonstrate a complete range of relevant tasks, right up to capturing a satellite that is spinning out of control.
In order to perform such a wide range of tasks, DEOS will be equipped with a robot arm that can move through seven degrees of freedom.
To a large extent, DEOS is reliant on technologies that have not yet been tested for space operations.
In many cases, DEOS seafloor observatories will include borehole components, such as CORKs (Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kits, page 14), or the Ocean Seismic Network Ocean Bottom Observatory (see Oceanus, Vol.
DEOS goals also strongly mesh with ongoing international initiatives that require coordinated seafloor observatory capabilities.
Consequently, DEOS is developing an open data access policy, with plans to devote a significant portion of its budgets to making seafloor data accessible to the public and to educational institutions.
Though DEOS originated in the geoscience community, we eagerly seek to cooperate with all branches of oceanography that share the desire and need to invest in seafloor observatory technologies.