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DEPData Execution Prevention (computer security)
DEPDepartment of Environmental Protection
DEPDeployed (US DoD)
DEPDiplôme d'Etudes Professionnelles (French: Professional Studies Diploma)
DEPDipartimento di Economia Politica (Italian: Department of Economic Policy)
DEPDevice Enrollment Program (Apple)
DEPDillinger Escape Plan (band)
DEPDevelopment and Emergency Practice (degree; UK)
DEPDevelopment Education Project
DEPDivision de l'Enseignement Privé (French: Division of Private Education)
DEPDivision des Établissements Privés (French: Private Institutions Division)
DEPDisease Education Program (various organizations)
DEPDelta Epsilon Phi (German student honor society)
DEPDiethyl Phthalate
DEPDonor Egg Program (fertility)
DEPData Execution Prevention
DEPDescanse En Paz (Spanish: Rest in Peace)
DEPDirection de l'Education Permanente (French: Department of Further Education; est. 1974)
DEPDraka Elevator Products
DEPDiagnostic Environnement Prévention (French: Environment Prevention Diagnostics)
DEPDimanche de l'Eglise Persécutée (French: Sunday of the Persecuted Church)
DEPDébit Expiratoire de Pointe (French: peak expiratory flow)
DEPDesign Eye Position (human-machine user interface)
DEPDistributed Engineering Plant
DEPDepth-Of-Field Exposure Program (Canon)
DEPDisability Education Program (Australia)
DEPDisplaced Employee Program
DEPDesert Eagle Pistol
DEPData Entry Panel
DEPDisability Equality Partnership (UK)
DEPDesign and Engineering Practice
DEPDistal Embolic Protection (cardiology)
DEPDisney's Electrical Parade
DEPDroit de l'Environnement dans la Pratique (French)
DEPDesignated Export Point (shipping)
DEPDevelopment Education Programme
DEPDeaf Empowerment Program
DEPDeflection Error Probable
DEPData Encryption Peripheral
DEPDraft Equipment Publication
DEPDefense Enterprise Program
DEPData Encryption Processor
DEPDelayed Enlistment/Entry Program (US DoD)
DEPDomestic Emergency Preparedness (FEMA)
DEPDegressive Error Protection (algorithm)
DEPDivision des Etudes et de la Prospective (French: Division of Studies and Forecasting)
DEPDocument Enterprise Platform
DEPDirectory Enabled Provisioning
DEPDistributed Engineering Plan
DEPDigital Envelope Pre-Distorter (microwave theory)
DEPDual Element Pump
DEPDesign External Pressure
DEPDevelopment and Environmental Project (Tanzania)
DEPDescending Evoked Potential (neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring)
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This finding builds on Starpharma's previously announced Targeted DEP data with a full-length antibody and its work in this area with Targeted DEP (antibody-drug conjugate) partner programs.
Under this new agreement, Starpharma will conduct preclinical testing of the DEP version of the AstraZeneca oncology product.
According to the DEP, waste reduction approaches will be incorporated into all possible aspects of the run from this year onward.
As shown in Figure 1, in a two-dimensional incompressible still media, DEP cylindrical particles are initially equispaced on a circle with radius R = 20 [micro]m and an initial angle [[theta].sub.0] with respect to the applied electric field.
Since 2014, the DEP has given the company two deadlines to put varying amounts of fill in the pit at the quarry off Phillips Mill Road.
Similar effects have not been reported in animals exposed to diethyl phthalate (DEP); however, limited human studies have suggested a possible association between DEP exposure and male reproductive health outcomes (Swan 2008).
With a huge backlog of cases, said to number 14,000, DEP "looked at Massachusetts and modeled our LSRP program after theirs," said Berkowitz.
DEP officials are asking the court to order owners Peter Pajaczek and Peter Paleczney to submit and implement an approved assessment and remediation plan and to remove and properly dispose of solid waste at the site that is being stored without a permit.
All of the team members had additional responsibilities that took them away from working on the DEP. As they came to discover, the implementation of a program of this magnitude took hard work and many long hours.
DIYARBAKIR, Apr 8, 2010 (TUR) -- A Turkish court sentenced on Thursday a former MP of the banned Democracy Party (DEP) to three years in prison.
The law, substitute House Bill 7249, requires electronics manufacturers, beginning in 2009, to register their devices with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and to pay annual fees that will be used to recycle the devices.
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has issued a proposed "Guidance for the Sampling and Analysis of Concrete Designated for Recycling" that some recyclers fear could increase the cost of concrete recycling in the state to the point where it could severely curtail or even kill of the industry.