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DEPADistributed Enhanced Processing Architecture
DEPADanish Environmental Protection Agency
DEPADiplôme D'Etudes Professionnelles Approfondies (French: Diploma in In-Depth Professional Studies)
DEPADemonstrably Effective Program Aid (state budgeting)
DEPADefense Electric Power Administration (US Department of Energy; 1950-53)
DEPADynamic Elastic Properties Analyzer (Waterville, OH)
DEPADépartement d'Etudes des Pays Anglophones (French: Department for the Study of English-Speaking Countries)
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In accordance with the contract between DEPA and Turkish Botas, currently about 700 million cubic meters of Azerbaijani gas are annually re-exported to Greece.
8 July 2013 - Greece has postponed the privatisation of local gas distributor Public Gas Corporation SA, also known as DEPA, until the first half of next year, Reuters cited an unnamed privatisation agency official as saying.
Gazprom's spokesperson said, on 10 June, that these two activities are not yet separate in Greece, since the gas sector remains a monopoly shared between DEPA and the operator of the gas network, DESFA.
Sources from the privatization fund TAIPED said that expected bids from Russian firms Gazprom and Sintez for DEPA never materialized.
Kremlin-controlled Gazprom was expected to bid for DEPA 6 Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras met with CEO Alexej Miller and extended the deadline for Gazprom to make an offer.
Greece has halved the required deposit to 10% of the company's bid for DEPA.
Within Greece, DEPA is the national importer of natural gas and wholesale supplier to the internal market, with an estimated 50% market share legally guaranteed until 2036.
to manufacture DEPA and bring out multi-insect repellent in its various formulations to the masses for their protection from painful insect bites and vector borne diseases as a spin -off defense technology for civil society in India and abroad.
Any of these companies will facilitate the implementation of our strategic goals, that include integrating DEPA into the European energy market and establishing it as a major regional gas player.
He added that the tender procedure for DEPA asset privatization has been completed and SOCAR started negotiations with the Greek side.
A spokesperson for Russiaa[euro](tm)s Gazprom OAO (MCX:GAZP), which was expected to make an offer for DEPA, said in a statement the company did not make the move as it a[euro]oedid not receive adequate guarantees that DEPA's financial situation will not deteriorate until the deal is concludeda[euro].
A fumbled deal to privatize the Greek natural gas firm DEPA sent the stock market in Athens tumbling nearly 5 percent on Monday.