DEPBDirective Européenne sur la Performance Énergétique des Bâtiments (French: European Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings)
DEPBDuty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme
DEPBDiabetes Education Program in Bulgaria
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Para lamina da folha, as fracoes a e b e a DEPB na taxa de passagem a 5 e 8%/h foram maiores no estrato acima de 40 cm, enquanto a DP e a DEPB para 2%/h de taxa de passagem tiveram aumento com a elevacao dos estratos (Tabela 4).
2004) encontraram valores inferiores para a fracao c e superiores para a DEPB e DP.
1]) 0,02 0,03 0,01 84,21 DP (%) 36,64 36,49 41,52 11,37 DEPB 2% [h.
The DEPB rate reduction will have a very adverse impact on home textile exporters' margins for the U.
The DEPB is being phased out at a time when it is needed the most," said P.
Doshi said a number of exporters were used to selling at cost, and the duty refunds under the DEPB scheme provided the margins for them.