DEPDDiplôme d'Etudes Postdoctorales (French: Postgraduate Diploma; Canada)
DEPDDepartment of Economic Planning and Development (Brunei)
DEPDDistance Education Professional Development (University of Wisconsin-Madison; Madison, WI)
DEPDDigital Expression Pattern Display (human brain tissue monitoring)
DEPDDepartment of Education and Professional Development (various locations)
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Presiding over a meeting at his office on Thursday, Qamar said that DEPD will send letters suggesting this change to the chairmen of all education boards and if implemented, visually-impaired candidates will be able to attempt the exam independently.
We begin by detailing the contours of DEPD, focusing specifically on the characteristics of the new policy instruments and related public sector renewal agendas through which its activities are being introduced.
Although our sample is small, techniques such as the use of distal embolic protection devices (DEPD), premedication with antiplatelet agents, anticoagulation, close blood pressure monitoring during and after the procedure, and avoidance of any unnecessary post-stenting angioplasties may have helped reduce complications.
DEPENDENCIA MEDIA (%) POR FACTORES Y TIPO DE CENTRO DepA DepB DepC x Sx x Sx x Sx CD 64,43 10,42 74,96 16,06 90,09 9,92 CO 28,58 16,32 25,70 17,98 64,60 21,83 CR 51,18 19,01 52,36 24,03 82,73 15,60 TOTAL 50,26 20,43 53,29 26,76 81,04 17,87 DepD Dep DepTOTAL x Sx x Sx x Sx CD 90,60 12,99 59,77 23,61 75,97 11,45 CO 73,57 15,69 21,95 14,54 42,88 15,09 CR 87,63 14,75 38,14 23,88 62,41 17,43 TOTAL 85,53 15,46 40,99 25,60 62,22 19,06 TABLA 4.
KARACHI -- Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister on Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPD) Syed Qasim Naveed Qamar on Thursday said that his department was taking steps in order to issue driving license to hearing impaired persons to make them more independent.
Secretary Home Department Sindh Abdul Kabir Qazi, Secretary DEPD Khalid Chachar, DIG Driving licence Qamar Zaman and others also attended the meeting.
On this occasion Secretary of DEPD Khalid Chachar, Deputy Secretary Shahzaib Shaikh, office bearers of Special Olympics Pakistan Tehmina and others were also present.
Representatives of FAFEN Nosheen Khurrum, other NGOs Sahiba Shah, Jawaid Rais, Bindiya Rana and Deputy Secretary of DEPD Shahzaib Shaikh were also present.
KARACHI -- Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister on Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPD) Syed Qasim Naveed Qamar on Monday said that his department was going to introduce a smart card for special persons, having features of insurance coverage and other benefits.
Secretary DEPD Khalid Chachar, Additional Secretary Abu Bakar Madni and Deputy Secretary Shahzaib Shaikh also attended the meeting.
Durant les quatre premiers mois de 2019, les echanges entre l'Algerie et les pays europeens ont atteint 17,08 milliards de dollars (mds usd), contre 16,77 mds usd pendant la meme periode de 2018, selon les donnees statistiques de la direction des etudes et de la prospective des Douanes (DEPD).