DEPIDepartment of Environment and Primary Industries (Australia)
DEPIDivision of Environmental Policy Implementation (UN)
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Sin embargo, no se hallaron correlaciones significativas con DEPI ni CDI tal como cabria esperar teoricamente.
Over the last 15 years, the site has been grazed by sheep as part of the DEPI Rutherglen farm.
Estudo Normativo do Sistema Compreensivo do Rorschach para Sao Paulo: Resultados dos Indices PTI, SCZI, DEPI, CDI, HVI, OBS e S-CON.
DEPI (2014b) Management Standards and Procedures for timber harvesting operations in Victoria's State forests.
8 million purpose-built complex will house 10 permanent DEPI staff, with capacity to double staff numbers and operate 24 hours a day during periods of emergency response.
Mr Wells said almost $800,000 in funding had been made available, significantly boosting CFA's capacity to conduct planned burns on both private land as well as public land, alongside DEPI.
This impact is assessed by the DEPI during the permit processing procedure, and, if the collection is supported, will typically be considered negligible, based on best available information at the time.
Last year CFA, DEPI and MFB firefighters fought more than 4,600 bush and grass fires in what was the busiest year since 2009.
DEPI list: vulnerable and listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988.
The DEPI, CFA, SES, MFB, Parks Vic and Melbourne Water crews joined more than 3,000 Canadian personnel in fireline and support roles across British Columbia.
GRDC and DEPI will work together over the next five years on grains research and development, and focus on building a skilled workforce and providing grain growers with on-the-ground research that will help them in the future, Minister Joyce said.