DEPMEDSDeployable Medical Systems (US DoD)
DEPMEDSDeployable Medical System
DEPMEDSDeployable Medical Shelter
DEPMEDSDeployable Medical Systems Development System
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For the first time in the nearly 40-year history of NAVEXPMEDSUPCOM, Operation Trident Arch 2016 integrated military and commercial resources to execute the deployment and retrograde of a prepositioned DEPMED. Past missions only included Department of Defense transportation resources to execute the Trident Arch mission.
Phase I of Operation Trident Arch 2016 involved the on load of the DEPMED assets to tractor-trailers.
The M/V Green Bay set sail on June 9 en route to Sasebo, Japan, where the DEPMED was pre-positioned.
The Army Logistics Innovation Agency, the field operating agency of the Army G-4, tested the use of MEMS RFID for DEPMEDS at Sierra Army Depot at the request of the Army Materiel Command and the Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, in collaboration with the U.S.
During the demonstration, MEMS RFID provided the ability to view DEPMEDS environmental data remotely and receive automatic alerts of high and low temperatures or humidity conditions.
The Army Materiel Command is working with PM J-AIT and USAMMA to implement active RFID container security sensor tags in all DEPMEDS in storage at Sierra Army Depot.
A major component of the CP DEPMEDS is the M-28 Simplified Collective Protection Equipment.
How it works: Chemically Protected Deployable Medical Systems (CP DEPMEDS) are added to field hospitals to provide the equipment necessary to decontaminate patients, keep out contaminated air, and keep a clean, climate-controlled atmosphere for up to 72 hours.
A decision to convert over to DEPMEDS was made during the 28th's movement to Southwest Asia.