DEPRADevelopment Economic Policy Reform Analysis (United States Agency for International Development)
DEPRADefense Program for Redistribution of Assets
DEPRADefense European & Pacific Redistribution Activity
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The motivation of many of the participants is highly questionable, particularly that of DEPRA, of the Farmers Union, of large scale industrialised farms and of big business - particularly the supermarkets.
Both the insistence on their moral depra vity and the insistence on their moral conservatism underestimate the ballads' textual and political sophistication.
Kim DePra, of Redding, has been promoted from manager of marketing and public relations to director of marketing.
Eli Gayoba Depra, provincial police director, said the agencys top concern during the election period is the security of the towns.
Gisele Santiago (I), Lia Rejane Silveira Reiniger (II), Joana Graciela Hanauer (I), Sidinei Jose Lopes (II), Marta Stochero Depra (III)