DEPSECDEFDeputy Secretary of Defense
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Abbreviations AFDD Air Force doctrine document COCOM combatant command CYOP cyber psychological operations DEPSECDEF deputy secretary of defense DHS Department of Homeland Security DOD Department of Defense DOS Department of State E-flet Internet psychological leaflet IIA interactive Internet activities IO information operations JP joint publication MILDEC military deception PA Public Affairs PSYOP psychological operations TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures USIA US Information Agency VOA Voice of America
On 25 September 2007, the DEPSECDEF required the inclusion of the above contract clause, among others, in DOD contracts requiring contractors and contractor personnel to accompany U.
The recent “DOD DEFENSE SCIENCE BOARD: TASK FORCE REPORT: The Role of Autonomy in DoD Systems”, “The Robotic Systems Joint Project Office Unmanned Ground Systems Roadmap ADDENDUM July 2012” and the recent DEPSECDEF Directive of November, 2012 towards weaponization and autonomy, all address certain topics and subject matters that our Senior Level speakers will be covering at the Summit,” stated Lisa Madison, Director of Communications for Defense Strategies Institute.
On 14 November 2006, the DEPSECDEF directed that the Secretary of the Army (SECARMY) "assign all Army Reserve Component Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations units currently assigned to the Special Operations Command to the United States Joint Forces Command, effective 1 October 2006 .