DEPSODepartmental Standardization Office
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Direct correspondence to Makmur Sunusi, University of Muhammadiyah, Depsos Building, 2nd Floor, Jalan Salemba Raya Number 28, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia 14310; e-mail:
If the results were considered satisfactory, according to the field staff and the Regency's Depsos office, then the second step of the implementation of the PKMT project could proceed.
In other words, they did not belong to the category of "isolated community" (masyarakat terasing) identified by the field staff of the Depsos who did extensive surveys of all accessible places to identify possible PKMT projects, but rather to the Dayak or Berau Malay (Orang Benuwa).
The resettlement scheme in Inaran Baru was one of the earliest developments for the Lebbu planned by Depsos in 1981.
In Teluk Sumbang, the "socio-cultural approach" (POS) had been implemented and later the PKMT program was developed by the Depsos of Berau.
2) With regard to the Tasaday hoax, of course, I did not refer to Zahorka's article in the BRB, but rather to the apparent effort by the local branch of Depsos to cash in on so-called "primitive" Punan-Basap "cave-dwellers" for policy reasons.