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DEQUEUEDouble-Ended Queue
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A fragment of an atomic delayed class Queue with the obvious delays for enqueue and dequeue reads as follows:
(1) The dequeue operation dequeues one of the first N elements from the queue, rather than the first element.
An RC can then dequeue requests based on that priority, or perhaps based on other fields in the request.
Massalin's queue implementation requires CAS (needed for the dequeue operation) and CAS2 (needed for the enqueue operation), and Herlihy's construction requires load-linked and store-conditional.
We check this queue first whenever looking for the earliest event to dequeue. Except for the insignificant activity at this special queue, our implementation should run in 0(1) time.
However, the easiest way to implement Queue and DEQueue is to structure the inheritance hierarchy opposite to the type hierarchy.
The basic operations on a priority queue are enqueue and dequeue (sometimes called insert and delete-min).
A priority queue is a queue for which each element has an associated priority, and for which the dequeue operation always removes the lowest (or highest) priority item remaining in the queue.
Typically, one task would call an Enqueue entry while a different task would call a Dequeue entry.
For example, if a CAP version of the same alert is available, the system automatically dequeues the EAS alert and uses the CAP message.
(1) The crawler component dequeues a URL from the urLqueue (frontier), which is a priority queue.