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DERDistinguished Encoding Rules
DERDesignated Employer Representative
DERDeutsches Reisebüro (German Travel)
DERDepartamento de Estradas de Rodagem (Brazil)
DERDestroyer Escort - Radar
DERdwelling emission rate (UK)
DERDose Equivalent Rate
DERRadar Picket Escort Ship
DERData Evaluation Record
DERDepartment of Environmental Research
DERDesviacion Estandar de la Media
DERDynamically Extensible Router
DERDépartement d'Etudes des Réacteurs (French: Reactors Studies Department; nuclear energy)
DERDescend En Route
DERDigital Extended Request
DERDry Extract Ratio
DERDevelopment Engineering Release
DERDocumentation Evaluation Record
DERDesign Engineering Reliability
DERDiscrepancy Event Report
DERData Exchange Requirement (US Navy)
DERDepartment of Employee Relations (various locations)
DERDividend Equivalent Rights (stock award0
DERDestination Europe Resources (trademark of New World Travel, Inc.; New York, NY)
DERDrug Experience Report (pharmascience)
DERDepartment of Environmental Regulation
DERDerevnya (Russian, village; used in postal addresses)
DERDefense Efficiency Ratio (baseball statistic)
DERDebt/Equity Ratio
DERDesignated Engineering Representative (commercial airline engineers given signature authority by FAA)
DERDeep Elm Records
DERDivision of Extramural Research (NIH)
DERDepartment of Environmental Resources (formerly Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection)
DERDraft Environmental Report
DERDirectly Executable Representation
DERDeparture End of the Runway
DERDistributed Energy Resources
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Andy," said Sam, "you's a promisin' child, der an't no manner o' doubt.
Great good- nature, a very tolerable share of skill in his profession, and, considering the circumstances, no contemptible degree of honesty, were the principal ingredients in the character of this man, who was known to the settlers as Squire Van der School, and sometimes by the flattering though anomalous title of the “Dutch” or “honest lawyer.
Efery one in der world is afraid of der monkeys except der snake.
A white-haired German reached for a sandwich, and grunted between bites: "I know der breed.
Who pe you," he asked, "und what der teuffel you pe do dare?
Seltsamen Tochter Jovis Seinem Schosskinde Der Phantasie.
Jackson leaned back in his chair, and glanced up at the candlelit Archers, Newlands and van der Luydens hanging in dark frames on the dark walls.
There were Master Loys Roelof, alderman of the city of Louvain; Messire Clays d'Etuelde, alderman of Brussels; Messire Paul de Baeust, Sieur de Voirmizelle, President of Flanders; Master Jehan Coleghens, burgomaster of the city of Antwerp; Master George de la Moere, first alderman of the kuere of the city of Ghent; Master Gheldolf van der Hage, first alderman of the
Fraulein Anna gave him a copy of Der Trompeter von Sackingen and in return he presented her with a volume of William Morris.
She was a bigger ship than the Karl der Grosse, but five or six years older.
Der Ansicht kann ich nicht genug Preis geben,"* said one of them.
He quotes with approval those admirable words from Goethe, "In der Beschrankung zeigt sich erst der Meister"; yet still always finds himself wavering between "frittering myself away on the infinitely little, and longing after what is unknown and distant.