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DERADefence Evaluation and Research Agency (UK)
DERADowntown Eastside Residents Association (Canada)
DERADefense Environmental Restoration Account
DERADisaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association, International
DERADrought Emergency Relief Assistance (Pakistan)
DERADanish Energy Regulatory Authority
DERADefense Environmental Restoration Act
DERADrycleaner Environmental Response Act
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I am confident that DERA will continue to provide the SECs staff and the Commission with the valuable economic analysis, research, and support they need.
She's PR and Marketing Advisor for Electronics at DERA Malvern, a title she's just come up with to give me something, and a title that is somewhat odd considering the nature of her place of employment.
Formed from the major part of DERA, the British government's elite defense research and development organization, QinetiQ has provided world-class technological solutions for decades.
Commercial trade constitutes roughly ten per cent of DERA's current business, but DERA is looking to increase that.
Being selected by DERA is a significant development in the continued growth of Mercury in the United Kingdom and Europe, where our operations have grown significantly in the last few years.
Exchange") under the trading symbol "BRI", announced today the signing of a letter of agreement dated October 31, 2000 (the "Agreement") with The New York Software Company Limited ("NYSCo") and DERA, an agency of the UK Ministry of Defense, establishing the terms for the acquisition of 90% of the issued and outstanding common shares of NYSCo and certain major revisions to an existing license agreement between DERA and NYSCo.
DERA noted that the MX1 operates best in a three-server system, adding that the performance of a single MX1 machine "appears to be outstanding when compared to the MX1's industry competition.
By using a variety of detection technologies, and investigating data fusion techniques to combine the sensor outputs, DERA aims to achieve very stringent detection and false alarm rate requirements against a wide range of threats.
After DERA completes its evaluation in early 1999, the aircraft will be reconfigured for operational use before its delivery to the Royal Air Force at RAF Lyneham.
DERA MURAD JAMALI -- At least 29 passengers were injured in a passenger bus-van collision near Jamali Bypass in Dera Allah Yar in Jaffarabad district, on Monday.
Nichols Research's technology solution under the DERA contract will help locate land mines and help mitigate the risk to personnel.