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DERFDefense Emergency Response Fund (US DoD)
DERFDriver Education Research Foundation (UK)
DERFDynamical Extended-Range Forecast (weather)
DERFDefense Emergency Relief Fund
DERFData Element Request Form
DERFDry Cleaner Reimbursement Program (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
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likeable, to a of and JOHN 'DERF' DISTANCING "With Jeff, I think the dysfunction was always there, but that doesn't mean he couldn't have been stopped," says Derf.
While Dahmer and Derf are real people and the film is based off of a graphic memoir by Derf, how much of it is actually true and how much is fiction?
Of the children sensitised to house-dust mite, 95.0% were sensitised to both DerP and DerF, so there was a near-complete overlap between house-dust mite species.
Fortunately, cartoonist Derf Backderf isn't one to avoid the troubling, even terrifying, truths that lurk in the dark recesses of that notorious serial killer's early life -- and modern American life itself.
Congress appropriated $13 billion for war costs including $11.9 billion in the DERF, which was transformed into a transfer account where funds, with guidelines by accounts set in the conference report.
According to DERF director Professor Peter Russell: "We have identi-fied a gap in the market.
N[degrees]01.40.09./95, French Ministry for Agriculture and Fishing (DERF)/CUST, Single dowel fastener, Paris, France.
The US FY02 supplemental budget added $23 million for the Northrop Grumman (Sunnyvale, CA) High Band Subsystem (HBSS), with another $16 million in Congressional plus-ups and more in the FY02 Defense Emergency Response Fund (DERF) to support Operation Enduring Freedom FY03 funding is planned at $84 million, with more than $70 million in FY04.
That is why it is important that the funding requested for the Defense Emergency Response Fund (DERF) be appropriated in that fund--with its own transfer authority--so we will have the flexibility to respond to the inevitable changes on the ground.
/ Of destines derf and dere / What may mon do bot fonde?'" (562-65).
For example, the recent $20 billion Defense Emergency Reserve Fund (DERF) included nearly $1 billion for precision-guided weapons and $93 million for training munitions.