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DERIDigital Enterprise Research Institute
DERIDiabetes Epidemiology Research International (research study)
DERIDefence Evaluation and Research Institute (South Africa)
DERIDépannages, Entretien, Rénovation, Installations (French building renovation company)
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Police were on surveillance operation when they chanced upon Deri that led to a gunfight around 11:30 a.m.
Nadir gorulmekle birlikte, kutanoz metastaz acisindan, akciger kanserli olgularda yeni gelisen deri lezyonlari dikkate alinmali ve klinik gorunum farklilik gosterdigi icin lezyonlardan deri biyopsisi alinmalidir.
Under a plea deal, Deri was fined 50,000 shekels (approximately $14,000) in compensation for Nuwara's death and would only serve seven months in prison as the sentence includes time served.
It started with a Crowdfunder campaign, an online appeal for donations in return for some special goodies once (or if) the doors opened, along with a slick video outlining Deri's vision.
The proposed limit around Bryn Deri Primary School, on Cae'r Graig, received no objections and is set to be in place as soon as next month.
Deri sarbonu; erken evrelerde papuler ve vezikuler sonrasinda siyah eskar seklinde deri lezyonlari ile karakterizedir.
Deri said: "Although Modern Studies was one of my favourite subjects at school, I was still totally surprised when I found out it was the best in Scotland.
And if he could resurrect one dead character and take them for a pint in the old Deri, who would it be?
Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri informed officials of the former "Amona" outpost that all legal proceedings have been completed and the construction of the settlement will begin on Monday
In a letter sent by Achiya Ginossar, Chairman of the Journalists' Union in Jerusalem, to Deri, Ginossar wrote: "Nada Amin will likely be arrested immediately upon her arrival in Iran and is in danger of being executed for her journalistic work and the fact that she wrote many columns of opinion on the Times of Israel website in the Persian language," he said.
Economy Minister Aryeh Deri, who had opposed waiving normal antitrust laws to give rapid approval to a framework deal to develop the gas fields off Israel's Mediterranean coast, said he had offered his resignation.