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DERNDigital Education Research Network (Australia)
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Reacting to the news, Dern posted on Instagram: "Well, now my acting dream has come true.
May we teach our children that speaking out without the feat of retribution is our culture's new North Star," noted Dern.
There are so many things to figure out to make this special crossover work, but, luckily, Dern has an idea.
Playing most recognizably to a star persona is Dern, if only because said persona has been built on the kind of creased, empathetic decency that makes her a Reichardt natural.
Just a Although, she was engaged to Goldblum, they split in 1997 and Dern married musician Ben Harper in 2005.
And Dern liked it enough to greenlight it for production during a narrow window of availability this spring.
With performances cunningly delivered by Bruce Dern, Will Forte ("Saturday Night Live'') and June Squibb ("About Schmidt''), the endearing tale follows a father and son who set out on a road trip to collect a $1 million prize.
For models that we've delivered lots of before with the same engineering, we have the authority, delegated to us by the FAA" to certify, Dern added.
Let's surprise them with you,'" Dern recalled of learning from Payne that he had the part.
THE EXTRAS Trailer, commentary, making-of special and interview with Bruce Dern.
American actress and daughter of Bruce Dern and Diana Ladd, whose films include Jurassic Park and Wild at Heart.
The film, a grand jury winner at Sundance, provided Laura Dern with her first leading role.