DERPDefense Environmental Restoration Program
DERPDrug Effectiveness Review Project
DERPDefective Equipment Replacement Program
DERPDesign Eye Reference Point (aviation)
DERPDisposable Eye-Respiratory Protection
DERPDisplay, Education, Research Population (population of a species in Association of Zoos and Aquariums)
DERPDenver Employees Retirement Plan (Colorado)
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Though it effectively documents the unexpected accomplishments of the DERP, this provocative (but perhaps overly slim) monograph skirts some crucial questions about how these achievements came about and obscures some equally vital distinctions regarding states' capacity to address technical aspects of health policy.
The DERP has been, at least by some standards, a striking success.
DOD uses the same method to propose funding for cleanup at FUDS, active sites, and BRAC sites; cleanup funding is based on DERP goals and is generally proportional to the number of sites in each of these categories.
The CRBBD program uses the DERP reviews as the basis for selecting "best buy drugs" in each class.
As of December 2007, CRBBD had produced consumer reports on 19 of the 32 classes for which DERP has conducted systematic reviews.
The statute authorizing the DERP provides another avenue
51) DERP REPORT FY2004, supra note 7, at 3 (providing defense
DERP follows the literature review and analysis methods pioneered by the Cochrane Collaboration.
Criteria are outlined in the DERP management guide.
Congress established the MMRP under DERP to address unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions and munitions constituents located on other than operational ranges on current and former defense sites.
Ruby Menon, General Counsel of the DERP, further noted that the result stands as a testament to the importance of public pension funds participating in class action lawsuits, as contemplated by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Work under the DERP Program (PL 98-212) provides for an expanded effort in environmental restoration.