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DESEDepartment of Elementary and Secondary Education
DESEDepartment of Elementary and Secondary Education (Jefferson City, MO)
DESEDepartment of Secondary Education (Missouri)
DESEDepartment of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (university department)
DESEData Encryption Standard Encryption (protocol)
DESEDivision of Electrical and Software Engineering (FDA)
DESEDoctorat d'Etudes Supérieures Européennes (French: European Doctorate in Higher Education)
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According to Bragg Stanley, director of Guidance and Counseling Services for DESE, "The New Counselor Institute provides an additional supporting mechanism for our new school counselors especially those who have entered the profession from an alternate route.
Don't look at dese boys dat vex you; look at de sun dat warm you, and de sea dat bathe you and feed you.
Hay is in the barn, bee is in clover, season food, dese and dose, easing, if a sinner repent, cheese and crackers, Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe, icing on the cake, chasing rainbows, casein paint, Alice in Wonderland, Amazing Grace, Anacin tablets, horse and buggy, peace and quiet, cruising down the river, arsing around, asses and donkeys, teasing me, yours sincerely, ve is in vonderful shape, double as in twin, excising information, wising up, seizing power
In fact, prior to my appointment, DESE confirmed that I could be hired as head administrator at Cleveland without a principal's certificate if one or more of the assistant principals had the certificate (and they both do).
Existing reality may betray, injure, demolish whole worlds, yet the spirit lasts: "All dese cities/Ashes, rust.
Dese toonden haer seer vyerig voor ons en versekerden ons van de toeval der Indianen ende revolte der Negros, so wij maer vaste plaetse aen lant kregen" (69).
In addition, a special commission would be created to provide input and assist DESE in developing new standards that would be submitted to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education for final approval and adoption.
from MIT and Vice President of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Research at DESE Research, Inc.
In Missouri, it was the diligence of shared-time center directors, the Missouri State School Board of Education, and Missouri's DESE Career Education Director who developed and allowed for this credit to occur in Missouri's Graduation Requirement for Students in Missouri Public Schools.
Whatever the abilities, or disabilities, of a child, every parent has the same concerns about how their child will productively fill their days and live as independently as possible without the safety net of the DESE.
to this surprisingly big pub i South Shields where if Northumberland is a dese for trivia challenges, Shielc is a hotbed.
Dat's all dese book-learnt niggers do--fill up de jails and chain-gangs.