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DESIDrug Efficacy Study Implementation
DESIDesorption Electrospray Ionization
DESIDivision for Economic and Social Information (UN)
DESIDigital End-Speed Indicator
DESIDuke Energy Solutions, Inc.
DESIDavenport Educational System, Incorporated
DESIDirection de l'Enseignement de Service en Informatique (French: Directorate of Education in Computer Service; Canada)
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But Desi is no dreamerknows how smaller nations can punch way above their weight to land a place at football's top table.
PFA decided to take strict action against adulterators in connection to curb the sale of substandard and unhygienic food articles like desi ghee, butter and cheese.
Many clients of Desi Catering are repeat clients and this is all down to the food.
Marnie later invites Hannah to join her and Desi to an out of town trip.
The IGP was of the view that after the closure of wine shops, there may be usage of illegally prepared desi liquor which may be injurious.
The spokeswoman said: "Everyone in the team hopes that, after spending years together in rehabilitation at the centre, friends Susi and Desi will stick together and help each other adjust to their new life in the forest.
Desi Burrito is designed to give foodies and fast food customers what they want: restaurant-style, fast, fresh, flavorful, healthy, delicious, food with the added convenience of a drive-thru.
DESI will enable an awesome experiment: the results will be a factor of ten better than we have at the moment.
The Desi Commentary will provide customers with the opportunity to listen in live telecast of cricket matches in the voice of renowned comedian's in Pakistan.
DESi provides radio stations the ability to measure in real-time the economic impact their audiences have on their advertisers, creating significant top-line growth potential in the process.
THIS year's first Bollywood night will be held on Friday at the Desi Lounge of Ramee Monroe Hotel, Hoora.