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He treats architectural desig as both an art and a science.
Altogether this is a book desig ned for those who have been until now slightly afraid of Newtonian science but eager to understand something.
The love story begins here, amid the ancient walls -- "L'au del desig foll ha niat / als arcs i capitells gotics" -- and includes the contradictions and illusory images of much amatory verse: "T'enyoro com es pot enyorar / la metzina que et mata.
Esta mirada culmina y cristaliza, mas concretamente, en la llamada "trilogia" que componen tres obras que pertenecen a una etapa reciente de su trayectoria teatral: Desig (1989), Fugac (1992) y Testament (1995).(3) A continuacion, centrare mi propia "mirada" en estas tres obras para delimitar los rasgos mas sobresalientes que pueden servirnos para situar el ultimo teatro de Benet dentro de esta corriente contemporanea del teatro de orientacion fenomenologica.
Intel's news came just weeks after Hewlett-Packard Co, Compaq Computer Corp and IBM Corp revealed they had been secretly working together on a new, joint specification, called PCI-X, to replace the current Intel- desig ned PCI bus (CI No 3,492).
Among the y fashion desig ond year s Dunn, a 44- y of- two from E She said sh the course fun with the children at school is now able to follow her pas fashion design "This cours should of don now with t school and wi support I am have always w The show w graduate fash at the Maison Place.
Avoiding simplistic answers, he investigated how three very different female desig ners approached their metier.
The concept breaks down into three styles: classic, modern and global, each with a different handwriting desig. His innovative designs and ideas means each collection strives to be spectacular.