DESLDépartement des Études et des Statistiques Locales (French: Department of Education and Local Statistics)
DESLData Engineering Scripting Language
DESLDesigning Effective Science Lessons
DESLDevgan Entertainment & Software Ltd. (India)
DESLDouble Ended Suction Leg
DESLDiscrete Event Simulation Library (computer programming)
DESLDiethyl Ether Soluble Lipids
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Light variants of DES together with DESL [6] had been proposed by way of barely modifying the algorithms, through lowering the S-boxes and via the use of key whitening to increase security levels.
Comparacion entre las dos provincias 1995-2005 ESPANA ISLAS CANARIAS LLUVIAS 38,79 25,00 FUERTES DESL.
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