DESNOSDisorders of Extreme Stress Not Otherwise Specified
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Most famous, no doubt, is "Le grisbi," from the 1954 film Touchez pas au grisbi, which has been recorded dozens of times; English-language versions are usually called "The Touch." Wiener also set to music two collections of poems by the French poet Robert Desnos (1900-1945).
dream-vision quest in the desert with the dead Robert Desnos. Written
While advocacy for inclusion of a separate diagnostic category, such as complex posttraumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) or disorders of extreme stress not otherwise specified (DESNOS), has not succeeded, there is growing awareness of the unique features and long-term impact for survivors of complex trauma, including dissociative sequelae (APA, 2015; Brand et al., 2009; van der Kolk & Courtois, 2005).
Bull Group's vice president Africa-Middle-East-Asia (AMEA), Eric Desnos, in turn explained that, as part of Giza Systems, VAS will be able to step up its development in Egypt, Middle East and Africa.
Based on extensive field work, they devised the DESNOS symptomatology, and arranged a list of 27 symptoms associated with disorders of extreme stress not otherwise specified (DESNOS) into seven categories (see Table 1 on page 24): Dysregulation of (a) affect and impulses, (b) attention or consciousness, (c) self-perception, (d) perception of the perpetrator, (e) relations with others; (f) somatization, and (g) systems of meaning.
There is one nonetheless that still moves me--Robert Desnos. His book A la misterieuse contains poems like its title poem, the most extraordinary love poem since Shakespeare's "Sonnet 55." I've admired North American poets much more: Walt Whitman and Pound--it doesn't matter what one thinks of them, they've influenced you--William Carlos Williams, finally, the Maximus Poems of Charles Olson, A by Zukofsky.
Undoubtedly, these characteristics defined in many ways the mindset of the surrealist poet from Robert Desnos to Philippe Soupault.
(20) Desnos exprime uma resistencia identica no que toca a outra estetizacao, a de que se beneficia (ou sofre) a imagistica popular: "sao manifestacoes populares que padecem mais com essas vogas subitas" (DESNOS, Rober.