DESPDespacho (Order, Brazil)
DESPDepartment of Environmental Science and Policy (University of California, Davis)
DESPDigital Electro Selective Pattern
DESPDirective Équipements sous Pression (French: Pressure Equipment Directive; EU)
DESPDesign Engineering Support Program (USAF contract)
DESPDeployment Environmental Surveillance Program (US Army)
DESPData Element Standardization Program
DESPDirectorate of Export Services Policy (UK)
DESPDevelopment Environment Service Provider
DESPDeployment Extension Stabilization Pay (US Army National Guard)
DESPData Exchange Service Provider
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USACHPPM restructured the DESP in 2004 to enhance the mission focus on warfighters' readiness, support the USACHPPM strategic vision, and respond to the increased workload of worldwide deployments.
Prior to that (1996 to 2002), predeployment OEH functions were performed exclusively under the DESP.
As illustrated in Figure 1, from 1996 to 2002 the DESP produced and disseminated numerous predeployment OEH products in support of the planning and execution of military operations and exercises in Europe--including Bosnia and Kosovo--and southwest, central, and southeast Asia.
In addition to a repository like the Unified Design Database, an ideal DESP solution should include systems for design project management, collaboration support, design and validation, and parts management.
The design and verification system is a critical component of a DESP solution.
The most time-consuming task is for new parts, but the parts management system in a DESP solution makes this process considerably easier and faster.
DESP II allows for technology development, deployment, reliability, maintainability, environmental and safety compliance, and development of information management systems.
DESP II also includes engineering tasks such as concept exploration, systems analysis, prototype manufacturing, system integration, testing, modeling, and simulation.
DESP II also includes engineering tasks, such as concept exploration, systems analysis, prototype manufacturing, system integration, testing, modeling, and simulation.
Sverdrup Technology's President Rogers Starr stated, "The DESP contract positions Jacobs as a prime contractor at all of the Air Force Logistics Centers.
According to NTS President and Chief Executive Officer Jack Lin, the DESP contract calls for the team to provide support services for all Air Force Material Command (AFMC) weapons systems, components and support equipment.
NTS Engineering &Evaluation Group President Richard Short commented, &uot;While this DESP contract is specifically established for use within AFMC, we view it as a stepping stone to all Air Force commands and other Department of Defense (DOD) agencies -- Army, Navy, Marines -- as well as to such other government entities as NASA, DOE, DOT, DOS, EPA and OSHA having similar systems and/or needs.