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DESPOTDriven-Equilibrium Single-Pulse Observation of T1
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My mother never could endure him, nor I; but he obtained an entire ascendency over my father; and this man was the absolute despot of the estate.
My works showed what a despot could do with the resources of a kingdom at his command.
I meant to say, in short, that though you are benevolent and judicious you are none the less a despot.
There is this to be said in favour of the despot, that he, being an individual, may have culture, while the mob, being a monster, has none.
There was hardly any sort of bloodshed which I would not pardon in those days to the slayers of tyrants; and the swagger form of such as despatched a despot with a fine speech was so much to my liking that I could only grieve that I was born too late to do and to say those things.
In the meantime I puzzled why six thousand primitive savages let one degenerate Scotch despot live.
The skeleton of even the most lawless despot makes a good constitutional sovereign.
In a few months he gave up the task, and little more than a year later the people who had wept at the death of the great Protector, were madly rejoicing at the return of a despot.
Yet all that was visible of the despot who ruled his whole household in deadly fear was the kindly and beautiful face of an elderly man, whose stunted limbs and body were mercifully concealed.
Peter Ivanovitch is an awful despot," she jerked out.
He knew so well how to unite the powers of reason and force, that in a state of society, which admitted of a greater display of his energies, the Teton would in all probability have been both a conqueror and a despot.
There was something great, something too of the despot about this old Homer bearing within him an