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DESRONDestroyer Squadron
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The DESRON 7 staff had a unique deployment in that we served as Combined Task Force Iraqi Maritime.
DESRON 7 is currently part of the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group.
DESRON 7 is composed of the following ships: USS Benfold (DDG 65), USS Decatur (DDG 73), USS Gridley (DDG 101), USS Halsey (DDG 97), USS Howard (DDG 83), USS Stockdale (DDG 106) and USS Thach (FFG 43).
My team aboard Mesa Verde is a true total force staff comprised of DESRON 40, U.
Other emblematics came from DESRON 31 and were made available in the ship's store for purchase by the crew and by visitors.
Peleliu saved the third largest stateroom on the ship (after the DESRON Commodore's and the CO's import cabin) for the highest level of DV and designated it the "Ambassador Suite;" the ship's ACE and BLT Commander staterooms were also reserved and were frequently used for DVs simultaneously with the Ambassador Suite.
The night before the shoot, I briefed the event to the DESRON and the ship's wardroom.
I think it verifies the kind of work she's done," said DESRON 15 Staff Chaplain (LT) Robert Jones, about Hurts' achievement.
According to CDR Newman Evans, Hurts' commanding officer and chief staff officer for DESRON 15, "Its one of those things that's easy because it's something she did.
Overall, the exercise was extremely successful," said DESRON Operations Officer LCDR Rich McDaniels.