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DESTDepartment of Education, Science and Training (Australia)
DESTDomestic Emergency Support Team (FBI/FEMA)
DESTDigital Ecosystems and Technologies (conference)
DESTDepartment of the Environment, Sport and Territories (Australia)
DESTDiplôme d'Etudes Supérieures Technologiques (French: Technological Higher Education Diploma)
DESTDeaf Enhanced Support Team
DESTDraconis Elite Strike Teams (Battletech)
DESTDirected Energy Science and Technology
DESTDenver Eye Screening Test (Denver Developmental Materials, Inc.)
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The latter aggregated DEST data which indicated that 891 physiotherapy students graduated in 2003, compared to 836 submitted by the Heads.
DEST (1998) argued that Information literacy, Lifelong learning, Effective workplace skills, the ability to work as part of a team and problem solving skills were key requirements for graduates of all disciplines.
DEST is the Australian government department responsible for administering the public funding of higher education and for developing and administering higher education policy and programs.
DEST library services, like other Australian libraries, supports this policy by providing access to Departmental information and publications via Libraries Australia and the Libraries Australia Document Delivery service.
The last two nights, after the students have learned new skills, DEST applies the pressure.
To the extent that there is any second generation Asian presence, the only way it can be assessed via the DEST statistics is by information on the language spoken at home.
The results of these tests are reported annually in the National Report on Schooling in Australia (see Ministerial Council for Education, Employment,Training and Youth Affairs [MCEETYA], 2002; DEST, 2002d).
DOD assistance includes threat assessment; DEST participation and transportation; technical advice; operational support; tactical support; support for civil disturbances; custody, transportation and disposal of a WMD device; and other capabilities including mitigation of the consequences of a release.
Several weeks ago I presented a copy of the standards to DEST.
In addition, FBIHQ will initiate communications with the SAC of the responsible Field Office apprising him/her of possible courses of action and discussing deployment of the DEST.
The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) was contracted by DEST to organise the symposium and Col McCowan, Manager of Queensland University of Technology Careers and Employment, was sub-contracted as convenor.
Flowing from this, a current DEST project will develop a nationally endorsed Certificate IV in Career Development, which will incorporate the three accredited units in Component Two of ACDS.