DESWDipole-Exchange Spin Wave (physics)
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In DESW, the SCC held that this factor is concerned with whether "the plaintiff has a real stake in the proceedings or is engaged with the issues they raise".
In DESW, the SCC noted that although this factor has often been expressed as a strict requirement (e.g., "no other reasonable and effective manner in which the matter may be brought before the court"), it has not always been expressed that strictly.
A flexible approach is required to consider the 'reasonable and effective' means factor (DESW, paras 45 to 51).
In the circumstances of the DESW case, the SCC noted that there was generally no dispute that the action raised serious and justiciable issues.
As for the second factor, the SCC held that both the DESW and the individual applicant have a genuine interest in the outcome of the current claim and are "no busybod[ies]."
Whether it be his desW ire to end racism, objection to war or his fight to ensure no child was left unfed, he was prepared to go toe-to-toe for any cause he believed in.