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"Hailun gongmin kong youjiduizhang Chen Detai fuzi tongfei qingchaban yi'an" [A Case concerning the Accusation by Hailun County Locals against the Head of the Guerrillas Chen Detai and his Son] (January 1926), Heilongjiang Provincial Archives, Document No.
She also added that the different language versions of the Directive differed in the amount of detai given.
6 Those detai exclusive of dialog, by whi thier parts and interpret a Obs.
Lacking similar motives, however, many governments only collect detai led cost data on particular services and activities as the need arises.
From 1994 through 1998, 46 of Russia's 89 provinces sought to remedy this situation by negotiating separate bilateral treaties between themselves and the central-state (these are discussed in more detail below.) Despite these treaties and agreements, many of which are quite detai led in their divisions of responsibilities between the central government and particular regions of Russia, Russia's federal relations remained frequently non-transparent and therefore wildly unpredictable.
Her tracing of the musical detai l and relating of detail to whole in Wolf's "Erstes Liebeslied cines Madchens," "Seufzer," and "Wo find ich Trost?" is particularly impressive.
The next section contains a detai led discussion of the Chinese translation, including the historical background surrounding its production, the differences between it and the Arabic original, and the new examples it added to the original (pp.
Detai ls they could not easily find in the available documentation were provided to them by the radar expert present.
[15] In general, the individual's capacity to experience any sort of textual cosmos implies that she is forging visceral and psychological connections between certain textual detai ls, and her own personal center of affective gravity.
The Detai, designed by Singapore-based Kerry Hill Architects, is one of the mos recent and most notable in its enlightened response to extremes of both landscape and climate.
Please note that detai included in the front of the ballot booklet.