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DETECTNorth Carolina Disease Event Tracking and Epidemiologic Collection Tool (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, NC)
DETECTDublin East Treatment and Early Care Team (psychosis early intervention; Ireland; est. 2006)
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You may often detect a yet smoother and darker water, separated from the rest as if by an invisible cobweb, boom of the water nymphs, resting on it.
It has even been stated on good authority that rudiments of teeth can be detected in the beaks of certain embryonic birds.
It is an important fact that rudimentary organs, such as teeth in the upper jaws of whales and ruminants, can often be detected in the embryo, but afterwards wholly disappear.
Alocilja and her team have developed and applied for patents on 20 biosensors (see box), including mechanisms to detect E.
POLICE community support officers cost up to pounds 1.2m for each crime they detected last year, figures show.
This algorithm can detect internets worm but does not work well on detecting stealthy worm.
* Research shows that the human nose can detect more than just smells.
We detected sapovirus in untreated wastewater, treated wastewater, and a river in Japan.
The federal government will now have sufficient monies, staff, and enforcement resources available to detect and prosecute perpetrators of Medicaid fraud and abuse.
The chips can detect chemicals in liquids as well as in solids.
Scientists have used microsensors to detect lone viruses, and some researchers have proposed using them to screen for HIV and cancer-indicating proteins (SN: 10/13/01, p.