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DETIDon't Even Think It
DETIDepartment for Enterprise, Trade and Investment (Ireland)
DETIDon't Even Try It
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Our analysis shows that the correlation between the average quarterly reading for the DETI and official real GDP growth in Dubai is 68 per cent.
EnergyWise is being developed by DETI in collaboration with DSD and OFMDFM and with support from the Utility Regulator.
The choice of venue for The Titanic Showdown has been supported by the Northern Ireland Executive and DETI Minister Arlene Foster was an interested onlooker at yesterday's press launch.
The commitment of further funding by DSD and DETI reflects the continuance of joined-up working by Ministers and senior officials across two Executive departments and an Agency to drive forward and initiative which is having genuine impact on the ground.
In allowing this extension to happen, DETI has shown total disregard for the will of the Assembly, which voted for a moratorium on fracking in December 2011.
Major organization : BIBIANA, MEDZINRODN DOM UMENIA PRE DETI (00682357)
The latest DETI Insolvency Service figures show that in the second quarter of this year there were 105 company liquidations in Ulster.
DETI Minister Arlene Foster added: "We know of loans that were granted essentially on the back of an envelope.
You can also email or download an application pack from the DETI website.
Michael Humphreys QC, for DETI, revealed: "The department can accept undertakings when it's expedient and in the public interest.
Welcoming the announcement Jonathan Bell said: "In 2012 DETI and DARD jointly launched the Sustainable Use of Poultry Litter (SUPL) project.
The stats were on the DETI website but had not been sent out as a press release.