DETMDuke Energy Trading and Marketing (Houston, TX)
DETMDrilling Energy Transfer Member (flexible shaft)
DETMDiabetes Error Test Model
DETMDigital Elevation Terrain Model
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All DETM group animals were administered with DSS at a dose of 150 mg/kg twice daily (bid) via gastric tube from preoperative day 5 to postoperative day (POD) 5, and vehicle (1 ml/kg saline) was administered via gastric tube to ETM rats [Figure 1].
The ETM and DETM groups were loaded with 60 g orthodontic force while the sham groups were implemented as the same protocol without orthodontic force.
During each training session, the rats in the three groups (sham group, ETM group, DETM group; n = 12 per group) that received spatial memory training were given massed trials with duration of 60 s per trial, the rats were placed in water so that they faced the wall of the pool.