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Devon IT's DeTOS and Echo Thin Client Management Software
Devon IT's software, which includes its DeTOS operating system and Echo management suite, comes integrated with all Acer Thin Clients and allows IT managers to easily create, deploy and manage their virtual desktop infrastructure.
Extending DeTOS to support a wide array of ARM devices provides a cohesive solution to embedded devices that need superior performance ease of management, configurations, and system updates.
Devon IT's DeTOS strongly supports embedded processing and we look forward to bringing to market exciting new devices based on the ARM SoC architecture.
VDI Blaster allows customers to repurpose existing PCs while testing DeTOS and Echo, Devon IT's thin client software and management platform
The FX0 utilizes VIA's latest Arm SoC platform, capable of high definition 1080p playback, with Devon IT's DeTOS software to create a small, power efficient thin client for small to mid-size companies.
Our DeTOS operating system combined with our Echo management software takes full advantage of the latest VIA platform to create the next generation in Thin Client devices," said Joe Makoid, CEO, Devon IT.
The latest release of DeTOS includes powerful upgrades including wireless support, RDP 7.
The new TC6, as with all VDI and thin client devices that run Devon IT's DeTOS or WES operating systems, can be managed by Devon IT's Echo thin client management software.
These solutions, including Devon IT Echo[TM] Management Console and Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOS), provide support for Microsoft Windows Embedded and DeTOS thin clients and allow access to Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, and web-based applications.
Devon IT SafeBook For Dell is based on a detailed understanding of specific customer requirements and offers either Devon IT DeTOS or Windows Embedded Standard (WES) thin client software, along with Echo[TM] Management software Dell Edition.
Echo, combined with custom DeTOS or WES operating system images, helps our customers integrate a wide variety of desktop and laptop thin client devices efficiently and effectively.