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DETRDepartment of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
DETRDepartment of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation
DETRDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (UK)
DETRDotation d'Equipement des Territoires Ruraux (French: Provision of Equipment for Rural Areas)
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Prepared on behalf of the DETR, the Welsh Office, the Scottish Office and the DOE (Northern Ireland).
As these ongoing results were being reviewed and collated, the DETR announced its revised approach to security screening - NSM - utilising the TIP software, plus the use of TDE to support the search of any bags rejected by the operator.
Now 50, and armed with his DETR pass card, he has lost a little of his hair but his radical beliefs seem to remain intact, oiled by his infectious enthusiasm.
According to the DETR, the new framework, which will replace the existing HRA, has been introduced to ensure that local authorities make the best use of assets and the resources available for managing and maintaining them.
With, on the one hand, so many different sectors and interests to address, but, on the other, without energy or agriculture, the DETR is neither fully integrated to internalize environmental decisions, nor narrowly focused enough for the environment to have overriding dominance.
Working collaboratively with Capgemini on this new solution will address these challenges so the DETR can better streamline operations, reduce costs and better serve the citizens of Nevada.
The DETR believed there were ``very special'' circumstances and gave the expansion the go-ahead.
The DETR said the total volume of new orders received by contractors for construction work in the three months to December was down by 13 per cent on a seasonally-adjusted basis, compared with the previous three months, leaving it two per cent down on the same period a year earlier.
I am very pleased the DETR has acknowledged the strength of public feeling on this matter.
But what we have with DEFRA is quite simply the abolition of MAFF and the chucking of food into what was Prescott's DETR with building and roads chucked out.
But Tory Andrew Lansley questioned whether his property business was compatible with his work at the DETR.