DETRADefense Threat Reduction Agency
DETRADepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (UK)
DETRADoses via Environmental Transport of Radionuclides
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Detra, 32, learned about the importance of insurance when tragedy struck her family when she was 15.
"It's amazing how former participants have come back after graduation and have taken the competition to a new level," says Kelly (Wehner) Detra, co-founder of the competition.
Kelly Wehner and Neil Detra, ASAE and its future members thank you.
Groups planning to compete in next year's event should register with the committee by contacting chairs Neil Detra or Kelly Wehner, at 823 Main St., Plainfield, IL 60544, USA: 815-254-9971,
Es el conocimiento de las vicisitudes de la vida sacerdotal adquirido en el desempeno de su trabajo en la curia romana, y es el interes y el amor por los sacerdotes, por la vida y el ministerio de los mismos sacerdotes lo que esta detras de estas paginas.