DETYADepartment of Education, Training and Youth Affairs
DETYADepartment of Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (Australia)
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Perhaps you should try to understand what's "wrong" with them that they stay when the majority leave.' That was actually a very good idea, which I borrowed and used when I applied for and was awarded a DETYA Research Fellowship the following year.
Drawing from the literature (Watts 1986; Dawkins 1988; Report of the Task Force on Amalgamations in Higher Education 1989; Graetz & McAllister 1988; Ramsey 1988; Karmel 1989; Smart 1992; Symes 1996; Aitkin 1997; Haynes 1997; Marginson 1997a, 1998; Patterson 1997; Sharpham 1997; DETYA 1998; Nelson 2003), a brief summary of the history of Australian higher education follows.
in a socially cohesive and culturally rich society" (DETYA, 1999).
As one senior nurse stated in the DETYA (Department of Employment, Training and Youth Affairs) reports:
(2000) Trends in the first year experience, DETYA Higher Education Division, Canberra.
However, things are changing, with recent studies being undertaken in Australia and overseas to examine the application of activity-based costing (ABC) in higher educational institutions (Ellis-Newman, Izan, & Robinson, 1996; DETYA, 2001).
Government funding bodies like DETYA join in by pushing Humanities and Social Science research towards empirical usefulness, asking us to earn our own money through linkages with industry, so that some "blue sky" research may remain affordable.
The Factors Influencing the Choices of Prospective Undergraduates, Canberra, DETYA, 1999.
A survey of individual students reenrolling in 2001 that included Western Department of Employment, Training, and Youth Affairs (DETYA), Australia parental occupation and education data (n=approximately 1,000) was also analyzed.
He recently completed a comprehensive bibliometric study of educational research in Australia for DETYA.