DETYADepartment of Education, Training and Youth Affairs
DETYADepartment of Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (Australia)
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DETYA (Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs) (1998), 'The characteristics and performance of higher education institutions', Occasional Paper Series, Higher Education Division, November, AGPS, Canberra.
30) The ESOS Act requires providers of courses to international students to register their institution and the courses they offer with DEST, previously DETYA (Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs).
They can be consistent with the absence of any serious conception of the value of the life of the mind beyond its value in producing work of the highest standards as defined and measured by DETYA.
Statistical information from the Commonwealth Department of Education, Training, and Youth Affairs (DETYA) were analyzed, and interviews were conducted with a range of officers from DETYA, industry training advisory bodies (ITABs), registered training organizations (RTOs), and workplace training officers at four training sites across Tasmania.
The chapters examine issues across time and place ranging from the politics of HIV-Aids activism to the sociology of professionalisation through the competency agenda and the discursive impact of the DETYA Research Quantum on the construction of academic research.
Major Report on the Middle Years Literacy Research Project to CECV, DEET, AISV and DETYA.
In the words of Michael Gallagher, head of the Higher Education Division of DETYA, in a paper on Australian universities as entrepreneurial institutions, universities 'own themselves'.
DETYA, Students 1999: Selected Higher Education Statistics, Canberra, Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, February 2000.
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Paper presented at the IMHE General Conference of the OECD Paris, Occasional Paper Series 00/E, Commonwealth of Australia, DETYA.
Take, for example, the recent DETYA report, School innovation: Pathway to the knowledge society (Cuttance, 2001).
Research income is based on universities' relative performance in generating external grant income, enrolling and graduating RHD (research higher degree) students, and producing publications as defined by DETYA.