DEVCOCape Breton Development Corporation
DEVCOCommittee on Developing Countries Matters (International Organization for Standardization)
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Y en 2013, junto con DG DEVCO, elabora un manual de informacion y comunicacion para las Delegaciones de la Union Europea.
Junto con el SEAE, DG DEVCO juega un papel importante en la diplomacia publica de la Union Europea: es el principal responsable de la cooperacion al desarrollo, uno de los principales activos de la Union Europea en la escena internacional.
As it stands, EEAS and DG DEVCO are both in charge of the programming for three European development aid funds: the geographical components of the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI), the European Development Fund (EDF) and the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).
While the EEAS (positioned outside the Commission, but with its work completely under the Commission systems) has authority for the multiannual phase of development programming and works jointly with DG DEVCO, this DG remains responsible for managing the budget, designing and implementing the programme.
Beginning in January DEVCO, in conjunction with a locally based advertising firm, Garland Agency, conducted an extensive advertising campaign by producing thematic layouts in local area newspapers and in other newspapers, newsletters, and national magazines.
DEVCO encouraged outsiders to start factories and operated the remaining coal mines.
DG DEVCO is responsible for defining development policies in an international cooperation context and translate these into practical aid actions and for developing new methods of aid and delivery.
com)-- MKA Capital Group Advisors sent DEVCO Builder's Asset Management Division to Elkhorn Golf Course to see how the project was being run.
EAS staff members have lashed out against the competition and "hostility" that exists between their service and the Commission, especially DG DEVCO.
Today, thanks in large part to the vision and efforts of DEVCO, it's a dynamic urban destination offering a vibrant, culturally-stimulaitng setting for a diverse resident base.
Project name : TF052432 - DEVCO ADVISORY FUND - CORE FUND