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DEVELOPDigital Earth Virtual Environment and Learning Outreach Project (NASA)
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Everhard here clearly develops the cause of all the labor troubles of that time.
In its development it will be assisted by Christianity, if men desire that; but if men do not desire that, it will develop none the less surely.
One might point out how the Renaissance was great, because it sought to solve no social problem, and busied itself not about such things, but suffered the individual to develop freely, beautifully, and naturally, and so had great and individual artists, and great and individual men.
For it is through joy that the Individualism of the future will develop itself.
What I mean by a perfect man is one who develops under perfect conditions; one who is not wounded, or worried or maimed, or in danger.
And in each stage countless millions of other eggs were deposited in the warm pools of the various races and floated down to the great sea to go through a similar process of evolution outside the womb as develops our own young within; but in Caspak the scheme is much more inclusive, for it combines not only individual development but the evolution of species and genera.
Develop an integrated plan to strengthen the economy and the communities.
The goal is to develop systems and tactics to kill Americans, namely man-portable air defense system munitions.
To develop programs, purchase materials and operate the resource and learning centre services to over 400 families with children who have physical and/or learning disabilities in the north Durham region.
To achieve this goal, the taxpayers created a corporation, Town East (TE), to develop and sell real property.
Develop and investigate novel materials with enhanced properties (e.
Curriculum development has long been the province of teachers and teacher educators because of their need to develop classroom curriculum.