DEVETIRDepartment of Employment, Vocational Education, Training and Industrial Relations (Australia)
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In 1992, DEVETIR initiated a risk analysis survey of TAFE colleges to determine the exposures likely to affect significantly the organization's functions, services, assets, growth and development.
The consultant made several recommendations for preventing losses, but the recommendations have not been implemented due to the costs involved and because loss prevention advocates within DEVETIR have had a very difficult time establishing that any particular risk might be the one that actually produces a loss.
Because safety procedures and communication systems are probably among the most important aspects of loss prevention strategies, an interactive communication system needs to be established within DEVETIR.
Existing centralized reviews of loss control within DEVETIR have a limited effectiveness because tactical decisions are made by individual agencies.
First, DEVETIR appears to be making headway in loss identification but is losing the main focus of establishing a sustainable loss control system.
A department like DEVETIR will obviously be central in the overall planning of policies and programs designed to achieve economic equality for women in Queensland.