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DEVILDynamically Enhancing VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) Information from the Library (Joint Information Systems Committee; UK)
DEVILDamper, Equipment, Valve, Instrument, and Load
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But the moment Sancho quitted his beast to go and help Don Quixote, the dancing devil with the bladders jumped up on Dapple, and beating him with them, more by the fright and the noise than by the pain of the blows, made him fly across the fields towards the village where they were going to hold their festival.
You need not take the trouble, senor," said Sancho; "keep cool, for as I now see, the devil has let Dapple go and he is coming back to his old quarters;" and so it turned out, for, having come down with Dapple, in imitation of Don Quixote and Rocinante, the devil made off on foot to the town, and the ass came back to his master.
For all that," said Don Quixote, "it will be well to visit the discourtesy of that devil upon some of those in the cart, even if it were the emperor himself.
Still, for all that," said Don Quixote, "the player devil must not go off boasting, even if the whole human race favours him.
Agno, chief of the devil devil doctors, had stumbled across him on the beach, and, despite the protestations of the boy who claimed him as personal trove, had ordered him to the canoe house.
And, talking of the devil, Holy Clerk, are you not afraid that he may pay you a visit daring some of your uncanonical pastimes?
True, holy father,'' said the knight; ``but the devil is apt to keep an eye on such exceptions; he goes about, thou knowest, like a roaring lion.
I never feared man, and I as little fear the devil and his imps.
Your sailors began to haze the poor devil as soon as he came aboard.
I never bargained to carry a mad devil and a silly Sawbones, a--"
I'll be hanged," cries the landlord, "if it was not the Man of the Hill, as they call him; if indeed he be a man; but I know several people who believe it is the devil that lives there.
Enter DEVILS, giving crowns and rich apparel to FAUSTUS.