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DEVODigital Evolution
DEVODiverse Emerging Vendor Outreach (San Diego, CA)
DEVODavis Enology and Viticulture Organization (University of California, Davis)
DEVODoor Enige Vrienden Opgericht (Dutch: Founded by Some Friends; football)
DEVODefective Equipment Void of Operation
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With Devo, CaixaBank is able to ingest, store and perform real-time and historical analysis of its machine data, giving it a comprehensive view of its entire security posture.
Additionally Devo is having a special release concert at The Championship Bar in Trenton, New Jersey.
SNP MSP Bruce Crawford, who chairs Holyrood's Referendum Bill committee, said: "Westminster refused point-blank to include devo max on the referendum ballot paper, so the only way to achieve the powers over pensions, welfare and tax which the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland want is to vote Yes for an independent Scotland."
The Ohio-based Devo introduced themselves to the world in 1977 by making a frenetic version of the Rolling Stones' ''Satisfaction.'' The new wave band released its Brian Eno-produced debut, ''Q: Are We Not Men?
True to form, the band's unconventional approach was used to shape the record previewed when Devo performed at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in February.
A signed Devo photograph can be seen in the background of one of the scenes in the Fantastic Four movie.
Devo also recorded off-beat covers of the Rolling Stones' ''(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'' and Allen Toussaint's ''Working in the Coal Mine.''
"I believe that this discussion, which will centre on the devo plus proposal, has the potential to supply that clarity." Jeremy Purvis, the ex-Lib Dem MSP leading the campaign, added: "Our aim is to promote devo plus as the best way forward.
Devo Spice is a dementia artist, that is, an artist whose music is intended to make the listener laugh.
Supporters can argue that devo plus does not need to be on the independence referendum ballot paper because it is an extension of the Scotland Bill already going through Westminster.
Each episode will feature one song in its entirety, along with commentary on the song by Devo Spice.
WE'VE had Pepsi Max, Lemsip Max, Bygraves, Max, and now Alex Salmond is offering the ultimate sell, Devo Max.