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DEW LINEDistant Early Warning Line
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PZ: Was the DEW Line card deck co-designed by Marshall McLuhan and Harley Parker, or did McLuhan do it all by himself?
These sites of the outer DEW Line would form a continuous line along which any aircraft flying at any feasible altitude above the terrain would be in the unimpeded line of sight of at least one station (Ray n.
As a result of new technology, 21 of the 42 DEW Line sites were closed in the early 1960s and became the responsibility of the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.
Cheval Rouge, Cocoon and The Nutcracker, a course-and-distance winner last month, will be attempting to finish closer to Dew Line than they did two weeks ago.
Further examples of metamedia include the DEW Line deck of cards co-designed by Marshall McLuhan and Harley Parker, and Oblique Strategies--a deck of cards co-designed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.
In 1985, it substituted the DEW Line, or Distant Early Warning line, established in the 1950s to protect North America from Russian missiles during the Cold War.
230), are lifted right from Western Electric's, The DEW Line Story.
The airline pioneered delivery of outsized cargo, such as generators and vehicles, to remote DEW line sites, mines and settlements; delivery of freight to rural communities on a charter basis; and assistance with many special and emergency situations, including the Good Friday Earthquake in 1964.
In the case of the DEW Line clean up, he said, requirements included consultation with numerous community members and environmental groups.
The North Warning System is made up of 47 unmanned long and short-range radar stations that extend across the North from Labrador to Alaska and has substituted the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning line) in 1985.
Almost 60 years ago, the threat had changed; it was no longer Japan, but the Soviet Union that posed a real danger, and the need to defend North America, in the Arctic, saw the creation of the DEW Line system.