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DEWSDevelopment Economic Western Switzerland
DEWSDelivering Environmental Web Services (project; UK)
DEWSDrought Early Warning System
DEWSDigital Electronic Warfare Suite (fighter aircraft system)
DEWSDistant Early Warning Signs
DEWSDirected Energy Weapons System
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Professor James Wolffsohn, chair of the DEWS II diagnosis subcommittee, highlighted that the new report reduced uncertainty.
Dews was fined PS120 and ordered to pay PS85 costs and PS30 victim surcharge.
DEW, a CoorsTek company based in Ottawa and Miramichi, NB, is an established defence business that provides customers with total solutions for protective armour innovation, vehicle integration and large-scale manufacturing.
Carney-Smiih (old the court thai since attending Bournville College Dews had been offered a place at Keele University, which he was to take up tomorrow.
Dew (exudates plus condensates) is a source of free water that maintains turgidity during hyphal growth (Jackson and Howard, 1966).
DEWS is an integrated electronic warfare system which offers advanced radar warning and countermeasure capabilities.
There was some exceptional bowling throughout and Dews probably played the tricky conditions as well as anyone.
Dews Motor Group, which dates back to 1910, is now providing sales, service and parts for the Brighouse area operating from its Bradford Road premises.