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DEXADual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (bone scan test)
DEXADatabase and Expert Systems Applications
DEXADatabase and Expert System Applications (Conference)
DEXADoDIIS Executive Agent
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The aim of our study was to estimate the utility and accuracy of ASFMs in estimating LBM in patients on hemodialysis using DEXA scan as a gold standard in assessing LBM.
The patients were registered, prepared and evaluated on an outpatient basis and they were advised at the time of appointment that on the day of DEXA assessment, they should eat normally, stop taking any calcium supplements at least 24 hours prior to DEXA test, to come in loose and comfortable dress, and to avoid garments having zippers, belts or buttons made of metal.
On the basis of product the DEXA equipment market is segmented into 2 product type central DEXA equipments and peripheral DEXA equipments.
Then, the subjects were divided into two groups (DS and CTL) and submitted to the BMI measures and Fat% by the DEXA technique.
BF was assessed using DEXA (model QDR 4500A; Hologic-Delphi Systems, Bedford, MA, USA) through Fan Beam technology.
The objective of this study was to measure efficacy of DEXA procedure in early detection of osteoporosis and prevention of its complication.
Overall, the authors used a sensible approach to estimate reasonable intervals between DEXA screenings (TABLE).
Akcay ve arkadaslarinin calismasinda 1,8-15,4 yaslari arasinda 12 OI olguya ortalama 20 ay 5-10 mg alendronat tedavisi verilmis; kirik sayisinda yilda 1,2[+ or -]1,5'den 0,16 [+ or -]0,32'ye azalma, DEXA z skorunda -4,6[+ or -]1,3'den -2,47[+ or -]1,52'e yukselme oldugu saptanmistir (13).
Chairman of the Emirates Society of Rheumatology, Dr Mustafa Al Maini, added: "I think the medical community in general, including rheumatologists and primary care doctors, must help to raise public awareness of the need for DEXA screening to detect osteoporosis.
While 53% of study participants were taking a PI at the time of their DEXA scan, 53% were taking Viread.