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DEXADual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (bone scan test)
DEXADatabase and Expert System Applications (Conference)
DEXADoDIIS Executive Agent
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Akcay ve arkadaslarinin calismasinda 1,8-15,4 yaslari arasinda 12 OI olguya ortalama 20 ay 5-10 mg alendronat tedavisi verilmis; kirik sayisinda yilda 1,2[+ or -]1,5'den 0,16 [+ or -]0,32'ye azalma, DEXA z skorunda -4,6[+ or -]1,3'den -2,47[+ or -]1,52'e yukselme oldugu saptanmistir (13).
Chairman of the Emirates Society of Rheumatology, Dr Mustafa Al Maini, added: "I think the medical community in general, including rheumatologists and primary care doctors, must help to raise public awareness of the need for DEXA screening to detect osteoporosis.
Three antiretroviral-related risk factors also raised the risk of osteopenia or osteoporosis in this analysis: longer time taking a PI, taking a PI at the time of the last DEXA scan, and taking Viread at the last DEXA scan.
Hastalarin DEXA (Lunar, DPX-IQ, Madison, WI ) yontemi ile L2-L4 omurga ve proksimal femur kemik mineral yogunlugu olcumleri yapildi.
DEXA scanning, which is used to measure bone density and assesses the risk of patients breaking bones, began at the trust in April.
If the DEXA shows the bones are beginning to thin, you will be given some advice and possibly treatment.
The Peripheral DEXA (PD) is most useful for assessing appendicular fracture risk (eg, Colle's fracture) and may be just as good as Central (hip and spine) DEXA in conditions such as hyperparathyroidism.
The bone densitometry market includes central DEXA systems and peripheral systems.
The contract is the supply of new DEXA bone densitometer enabling whole-body scanning and also upgrade existing bone densitometer.
Axial DEXA bone densitometers form the largest segment,in the total market, owing to their improved accuracy and precision and wide acceptance by the end users.
Al Rahba Hospital, which is owned and operated by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, has added a new DEXA scanning unit, increasing its capacity and quality of screenings.