DEYASDivision of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport (Trinidad and Tobago)
DEYASDowntown Eastside Youth Activities Society (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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Detectives are already seeking to extradite Archbishop Gilbert Deya from Britain after charging him and his wife Mary with child abduction.
'We met Pastor Mensah, the resident Pastor of Gilbert Deya Ministries, and at one of his services he called and laid hands on me.
Gideon Kibunja, a spokesman for Nairobi CID, said: 'We have charged Gilbert Deya and his wife with child abduction, along with four others, and suspect there may be more who had claimed to have miracle babies in the UK.
'Like Gilbert Deya we may be requesting that this couple from Coventry be extradited from the UK so that we can investigate their claims.
Gilbert Deya has shamed all Kenyans and we wish the UK would kick him out.'
Gilbert Deya was charged with stealing a child from a Kenyan hospital earlier this month and could face seven years in prison, if convicted.
Deya - who leads his own church - claims his prayers cause infertile and post-menopausal women to have 'miracle babies' without having sex.
Deya's wife has been charged with abducting a child from the hospital.
Last night, Deya told the Record: 'I deny the allegations.
The British-based minister, who owns a private jet, is the leader of the Gilbert Deya Ministries.
Children's charity Unicef, Scotland Yard and the Charities Commission are investigating Deya's activities.
This is a big field, comprising some inexperienced fillies, and if Deyas Dream isn't up for the rough and tumble of an 18-runner handicap, she won't win