DEZDezember (German: December)
DEZDisease Eradication Zone
DEZDeath Egg Zone (Sonic 2/3 & Knuckes level)
DEZDubai Education Zone (United Arab Emirates)
DEZDermal-Epidermal Junction Zone (dermatology)
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The heroine, Dez, was actually born in Othersphere and so has a particularly strong connection with that world.
Here, Dez experienced another side of Chinese life, where he met the "left behind children" - so called because their parents go away to the cities to earn money.
Runners (from left) Jon Seaton, Colin Coleman, Sheila Bridge and Dez Tanser and (below) the building under construction and finished dormitory.
They may also claim that Dez Record did not accurately quote Mourinho.
Dez said: "Luckily a new teacher, trained in special needs education, joined the school and recognised straight away Jackson was dyslexic."
Scots Boxing Association chief Frank Hendry said Dez's appearance had only been postponed and special medical legislation would have to be ironed out.
| Pictured: Top culinary names Rob Kennedy, Alan Paton, Ana Paula Oliver, Adam Lestrelle and Dez Turland join forces with students from Loughborough College to cook up success at a high-profile guest chef evening..
Desmond "Dez" Clark, the former Chicago Bears tight end, is once again giving back to his community.
The Cowboys defeated the Lions at AT&T Stadium on Wild-Card Weekend in 2015, and they narrowly lost to the Packers at Lambeau Field the following week after Dez Bryant's ( infamous incomplete catch.
(17.) WHO/UNAIDS The 3by5 Initiative, 2003, [acessado 2015 dez 10].
"Looking" begins twenty years into the new South Africa with a contemporary story of an affluent mixed race lesbian couple, Dez and Terri, who struggle to maintain their own desires and ambitions while reining in the rebellious nature of their beautiful teenage daughter, Asanda.