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DEZADirektion für Entwicklung Und Zusammenarbeit (German: Directorate for Development and Cooperation)
DEZADungquat Economic Zone Authority (Vietnam)
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Deza picked the ball up on the halfway line and sprinted forward 10 yards before firing a looping shot that flew a few inches over Hart's goal.
Each country has a different name for the instrument -- a mbira in Zimbabwe, a deza in South AFrica, a limba in Tanzania, a likembe in Congo and a timbili in Cameroon-- but the principle is always the same.
Twelve-year-old Deza Malone is the smartest girl in her class, and seems destined for special things.
He introduces Deza to the group's current chief at his party, and by the end of the first volume, Deza has a new job.
4) His contemporary, Lope de Deza, railed against the "many robust young men" of his day who left agricultural labor to study law at the university.
Card clubs don't have slots, and we're not as big as the Indian casinos," Normandie Casino General Manager Karlo Deza said.
Estranged from his wife and family, Deza works for the BBC in London.
Modesto Lafuente had Columbus share honor with the "benevolent y amiable" Cardenal Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza who first lent his ear to the proposed expedition, and to the Dominican priest Diego de Deza, later the Archbishop of Seville, who became Columbus' host and protector.
The mine has already had a negative impact on Cajamarca's water resources," says Milton Deza, a biology professor at the Universidad Nacional of Cajamarca.
Among Azpilcueta's Salamancan disciples were Diego de Covarrubias (1512-1577), the Portuguese legal expert Arias Pinelo, Francisco Sarmiento, and Pedro Deza (1526-1600).