DFAADisaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (Canada)
DFAADefense Facilities Administration Agency (Japan)
DFAADissolved Free Amino Acid
DFAADrug Free Action Alliance (Columbus, OH)
DFAADesign for All Award (Asia)
DFAADaffodil Festival Alumni Association
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Confirmed DFAA speakers and participants include: Cecilia Attias , Founder and President, The Cecilia Attias Foundation for Women; Sylvia Bongo Ondimba , First Lady of Gabon; Etienne Massard Makaga , Special Advisor to the Presidency, Gabon; Denise Epote , TV5 Monde; Hon.
The DFAA manages facilities for Japan's Self-Defense Forces and U.
When considering Canada's exposure to natural hazards per se and the guidelines for DFAA compensation, it is important to note that, while hazards such as drought, heat waves and cold waves are important to Canadians, and may well increase in the future, they do not tend to be defined as disasters, and do not therefore qualify for federal disaster relief.
In addition to special remarks by Cecilia Attias and Sylvia Bongo Ondimba, DFAA will feature a unique collection of inspiring experts and speakers from academia, government, NGOs, the private sector, and the medical community.
From 1970 until 1998, the federal government paid out at least $552 million over almost three decades; expenditures during 1997 and 1998 accounted for more than 50% of all DFAA expenditures (Canada, EPC August 1997b).
Participants in DFAA bring with them their experiences as experts, educators, business people, victims and heroes to confront the most urgent challenges facing African women: education and literacy; access to business and entrepreneurship; improved health systems and maternal care; and safety and security.