DFACDining Facility (US DoD)
DFACDrug Free Athletes Coalition (natural bodybuilding)
DFACDunedin Fine Art Center (Florida, USA)
DFACDisregard Females, Acquire Currency
DFACDesert Foothills Athletic Club (Cave Creek, AZ)
DFACDiamonds for a Cure (Great Neck, NY)
DFACDirect Fired Absorption Chiller (refrigeration)
DFACDouble Fine Action Comics
DFACDrag Free Attitude Control
DFACDining Facilities Administration Center
DFACDepartment of Foreign Affairs Canada
DFACDefense Finance & Accounting Center (US DoD)
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Photo shows (from left) Aleck Wei, regional manager of DFAC Zhou Peng, general manager of DFAC Southeast Asia Hu Jianyuan, general manager of DFAC Overseas Business Department and general manager of Wuhan Dongfeng Trade Co.
These outdoor air loads can represent more than 75% of the HVAC load in a DFAC. The peak outdoor air requirement for this building is approximately 10,000 cfm (4.72 [m.sup.3]/s), and the peak exhaust flow for the baseline building design is over 31,000 cfm (14.63 [m.sup.3]/s).
DFAC hosts an annual Wearable Art show which showcases the designs of 10 artists.
The Samuel Sharpe Dining Facility (DFAC) supporting the Ordnance campus is the largest Armyowned DFAC and provides outstanding-quality food that can feed the entire Ordnance School of over 3,200 students in a 90-minute period.
Among her accomplishments, MSgt Thompson identified a critical IDF vulnerability in JBB's DFAC and developed evacuation procedures to protect hundreds of personnel.
Ohio enterprise bond fund loans from Ohio's DFAC to the Butler County Port Authority to support costs associated with the acquisition of a 282,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in West Chester to be leased to Intelligrated.
You can definitely go into the DFAC with an empty stomach and leave the place like you would as if you were at home.
Another example of leveraging a relationship was the construction of a dining facility (DFAC) at Camp Buehring.
Agility today announced it will begin executing the Dining Facilities (DFAC) contract, awarded by the U.S.
During this initial force projection stage, personnel services--including potable water distribution, dining facility (DFAC) operations, trash removal, and sewage removal are the most vital part of an RSOI operation.
"Here at the DFAC [dining facility] some of the Afghans haven't been paid in months because of simple paperwork errors.
They are great when the mud is long washed from desert boots, when the weariness from 36 hours straight has fallen off the shoulders, and when the disconcerting blast from a mortar is brought back by distant thunder--not by the empty seat across from you in the DFAC with irregular tile, green-tubbed food and missing faces.